Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Navy Best Tees!

A couple of weeks ago Rikki, Martha, Amy, Brandey, her aunt and I converged upon Old Navy to try out their updated Tees and Tanks collection, which you can check out here. (And then I get distracted for literally HOURS shopping the site, haaaaa. Oh, but then find their weekend percent off doesn't apply to the dresses...what's up with that? Just because the dresses are a whopping three to five bucks off already? Please.)


It was the last possible day to take advantage of the coupons sent to me courtesy of CrowdTap and Old Navy (thank you, thank you!) and all of us had been trying so hard to plan this trip. It's difficult with work schedules, kids, and flu season. It was nice to see it all finally come together. The weather was even cooperating, which felt like a miracle!

I'm the only one who tried anything on, which was surprising to me...I've never understood how so many women can get away with just grabbing their size from the table and just walking out the door without a second thought or care in the world as to how or whether it would fit. But such was the case with them. They were kinda like, Yep, I'm a __ and moved on to the next thing.

They mostly just felt every single type of top that was available and oogled the incredible variety of colors offered.

I, on the other hand, took a huge handful of product with me back into the dressing room and tried them all on. I have to see not only the product itself on, but the color against my skin. And not only that, but sometimes the same shirt will fit differently from one color to the next. I've never quite figured this out/understood, but have always assumed that it has something to do with the dyeing process.

The ultimate verdict was that the new collection was definitely versatile and markedly softer than the tees offered by Old Navy in the past. The variety of colors was pretty much on par with their previous collections, but it's nice that it extended through each and every style- this is not always the case with Old Navy. So thumbs up on that.

The Tri-Blend Racerback is so paper thin it is just begging to be layered either with the same or whatever your mind can conjure. It'd be a really cute tank to throw on over a bikini/bathing suit.

The Tami has a fantastic length, a ton of stretch (maybe a bit too much, actually), and will layer well for whatever your purpose. From the reviews I've read on the CrowdTap boards those that selected this style have been really pleased with their decision. They do have a nice strap width, I'll say that, and the colors have a nice richness to them, I would hope that would hold up through washing.

The Perfect Tees, whether crewneck or v-neck seemed pretty nice for just a plain solid tee. This is the style Rikki selected and she wore it the next day. It did, in fact, fit her absolutely perfectly and she remarked that the material felt nice.

The Vintage Tees are my favorite and are what three of us chose. The material is just beyond soft (though there is one other style they offer that is softer yet, if you can believe it, and was excluded from the sample and share), and the fit could only be improved if they'd shorten the sleeve length a tad to make the overall look of the tee more feminine.

Shopping with a group of friends is always a good idea, we each walked away with our favorite basic tee/tank and an extra bag of this-and-that because Old Navy is...well...Old Navy :)




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    1. Hi! Thanks! I'm following you now as well! I was just settling in to put the finishing touches on my shorts review, so that update will be posted any moment :)