Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not my friend Rikki, that's for sure!

This Summer is getting off to another slow start here in North Idaho, but thankfully the sunshine was in full cooperation when Rikki and I took off for an afternoon of shorts shopping at Old Navy.

For those not in the loop, I'm a member of a marketing site, Crowdtap, that acts as a liason between major brands and the consumer. One of the perks is participating in "sample shares" and "hosted parties" in which I am given free product to share with my inner circle in exchange for feedback (and occasionally, if my input is involved and insightful enough, my points add up to Amazon gift cards, woo!).

Anyway, back to the MAIN EVENT.

My second favorite French verb- Faire du shopping!

If you're familiar with Old Navy, you know they've been trying to broaden their versatility, their audience, and their overall fashion appeal. This season's shorts collection did a rather nice job.

Offering a variety of inseams in styles across the board, there were options in everything from denim cut-offs, to more than one style of Bermudas, to printed plaids fit for a trip to the Hamptons. I'm certain there was truly something for just about everyone seeking a pair of shorts for predominantly casual wear.

Which brings me to something I have to remind myself of whenever shopping at Old Navy and feeling frustrated that they don't have quite what I am after- Old Navy is a store for the casual dresser. A great stop for the basics, and a few extra pieces for a wardrobe that focuses on comfort, but strives to be something other than fuddy-duddy.

This Summer there have been some great surprises in their collection of dresses, skirts and wedges! It's been a lot of fun continually seeing what's new. And with the huge variety of shorts to choose from, this shopping trip was a blast. I think Rikki and I both tried on just about every single style possible. She suffered through my incessant photo-snapping, but I'll spare her the embarrassment of posting them here for the world to see ;)

I ran into some trouble in the fit-department, as I suspect many other women with heavier or muscular thighs will, because the shorts tend to taper toward the hem. Striking out completely, I ended up 'buying' a pair for another co-worker in a midnight blue tie-belt trouser style that I knew would look perfect on her tall, slender frame. It would be much better if they would cut their shorts at a slight angle and have the hem kick out a little, if that makes sense. Styles that do this are much more flattering overall compared to straight across or tapered hems.- Rikki decided on a pair of super dark denim Bermudas that fit her like a glove and created a nice lean silhouette.

Can't wait for the next Old Navy-Crowdtap shopping trip!


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