Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

To say my sister and I are obsessed with nail polish would be understating it a bit. Our collection is rather massive...in fact, we decided to count and reorganize recently- The grand total reaching over 130. I'm sure this is smaller than some women, but still expansive in its own right. We truly have the full spectrum of colors, and just can't get enough.

The opportunity to try out this new magnetic polish trend compliments of Influenster was, in a word, GROOVY, haha. That's my favorite word to describe the 3-D wavy effects. :)

Of the eight colors available, I was sent Graphite Gravity- True to its name, this shade is a very rich graphite color, and I was pleased to find that it was very flattering even with my very fair pink undertoned skin. It also looked great on my sister, who has an olive skintone.

Before I get to the application and effects- I want to just say something about how insanely gorgeous these polishes are. They are so rich in pigment, and Sally Hansen doesn't skimp at all on the shimmer. The graphite really does look like metal, which is excellent- And after checking out the other shades in the store, I am equally as impressed. Next on my list are Kinetic Copper and Red-Y Response. (SRV $9.99)

Unlike a couple of the competitors, there are directions right on the bottle, which makes for easy reference while doing your manicure. Additionally the magnet is on the top of the lid as opposed to inside of the lid, or attached in some other somewhat hinky fashion. I found this to work out marvelously.

After using this more than just a couple of times,  I can honestly say it really is as easy as following the directions. I cannot tell you how often I will read negative reviews on any given product only to find myself muttering at the computer, "If you just USED it as it was INTENDED..." or some variation thereof, haha.

What are the instructions?

1. Apply basecoat to clean dry nails. Allow to dry.
2. Apply one coat of Magnetic polish to all nails. Allow to dry thoroughly.
3. One nail at a time apply a second coat and immediately hold the magnet above the nail for 10 seconds. (I held it above it for longer, just in case. I have no idea if this made a difference! Probably not. I just don't trust my seconds-counting ability.)
4. Apply topcoat.

Et voila!

Groovy 3D Artwork on your nails!

I find that the design the magnet creates just totally depends on the length of your nail and the general nature of your nails. It is going to be unique for everyone- Which is actually pretty cool. I have short nails, in part because I type all day for a living, and in part because I have a pesky nail-biting habit that I cannot seem to kick- So my 3D Magnetic Effects weren't quite as elaborate as they were on my sister's much longer nails. 
Oh, and I can say this- Don't expect to be able to paint it on sideways and have it make waves that direction, haha, we tried that. No dice. BUT something that looks really cool! is to apply a base of a vibrant shade like fuchsia and then a solid stripe down the middle, or off to the side, in the Magnetic (one coat, allow to dry, then another and utilize magnet). It looks really neat! So being creative with this polish is not totally out of the realm of reason. Couple with that, again, how remarkably gorgeous the polish is on its own, and you'll be happy to have these in your arsenal!

The quality of the polish is just as absolutely excellent as I've come to both love and expect from Sally Hansen. My manicures from this polish hold up for several days without chipping, which I really appreciate!

Overall, I am very impressed with Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color! I truly just cannot say enough how beautiful the colors are, and what a neat and easy way to add a little pizzazz to your manicure!

If you've tried this, I would love to know what color you used and what you think! Feel free to share a photo :)

*I received this product compliments of Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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